Following are some comments by people who have visited Cuty Boy...
"My Goodness !! It was amazing to meet Cutie Boy !
Its such a genius and such a gentle soul !
It knew all the answers and I was just in awe of its beauty,brain and affection.
May it live a very long and healthy life.
God Bless Cutie Boy !!"
lots of love.
Rageswari Loomba,
Bollywood Actress, Singer and Veejay,

"Dearest Cutie,
You are such a special soul in such a beautiful form living with a very loving family. Its been a privilage meeting you and thank you very much for being on ZIP ZAP ZOOM. Children from all over the world will have the honour and joy of seeing you and getting to know so much about you.
Have a long and happy life with this wonderful family."
Rashmi Lamba.
Media Business Centre,
Dubai Media City,


"We visited Cuty Boy on 5 September 2004. He is really extra ordinary.He answered my questions correctly,after reading the questions. I am really excited to see Cuty Boy with such a capacity."

Dr.R.Sushama Devi,
Ret.Prof of O&G,
Medical College ,Trivandrum,Kerala.


"Cuty Boy has answered all the questions correctly. I am totally baffled and amazed at the display.No rational explanations come to mind regarding Cutey's talents.He is really adorable."

Dr.Usha Ravindran,


"He answered correctly all the 4 questions.He was very cooperative and liked to sit on my lap for long time as if he has known me before."

Dr.Sumangala Amma,
Rtd Professor,
Medical College,Trivandrum,Kerala.


"There are so many things which we cannot explain.That does not mean that it is not true.Cuty you are Cute.All the best."

Dr.S.Prem Prakash,
Homeopathic Consultant,Kozhikode,Kerala.

"When I first came to see Cuty Boy I thought I would come across an animal with ordinary skills .I was really impressed by what I have seen.Cuty is responding with head movements to questions and is evincing human affections .I think what is left is to analyze and discover his real potential,for hardly could we ever find a cat as such."

Ahmed Kofofi,
The Gulf Today.

"Well,I saw Cutie.And Cutie me. Still early days.But like they say ....seeing is believing. And Cutie if he could speak would be able to tell me. As for me I'm tongue-tied."

Sushil Kutty,
Reporter,Khaleej Times.

"It is really amazing to see Cutie perform anything --- be it multiple question, General, Mathematics (anything and everything). The way it shows affection to his mother (Mrs.Hema) is like a human baby to his mother. We asked a no of questions to which he answered -- by his 'YES' & 'NO' actions. Not only this, he also reads questions to which he answers. Cutie Boy's session has to be described as "INCREDIBLE" which HAS TO BE BROUGHT TO THE LIMELIGHT."

Farida Gaffar,

"I have visited on 7/12/03 and spend almost 2 hours with Cuty Boy. The experience is really amazing. He has answered all questions, especially written questions. He was reading the questions and then giving the answers. The questions in nature were of all types from simple memory test to intellectual type. Cuty Boy is a real mystery which world should recognize."

Alex Mammen.
Manager Finance & Administration,
ATN Media.

"Cuty Boy"-- He is an amazing experience. He is unbelievable and really blissful to watch, especially while he reads our questions. The way he concentrates and answers the questions one by one without mistakes. He really surprised me when he stopped looking for more "options" when he got the correct answer.



"I have seen the feline genius Cuty Boy several times. The first time was in May 2001. He was tested for his Arithmetic,language skills and identifying people. In all these areas he performed convincingly."

"There is something about Cuty boy, which makes you think that you are dealing with a person and not a cat.He has expressive eyes. He beholder cannot miss their intensity."

"He is also very reclusive with a sad air about him. At the slightest chance he slinks away to be by himself. But through his unique way of saying YES he indicated that he wants to be famous. He also denied being a cat and indicated that he wants to be known as a human cat. All this was incredibly strange because one never expects animals to know the meaning of abstract things like fame."

Anil Kumar Vijayan,
"The Gulf Today".


"I came to see Cuty on 13.11.04. I had a very wonderful experience.He could recognize me,my daughter and grand daughter.He answered all the questions my grand daughter asked.That day I thought a long time about Cuty. Though not a human being,how can he act like human being?May be the special blessing from God .I wanted to see him again.That is why I came again with my grand daughter.Cuty gave us a warm welcome.He enjoyed our company. I think if he were in some ordinary surroundings will his ability come to light. No,it is because of,patient,loving humane Hema,the human mother of Cuty Boy.May God be with Cuty and his family."

With love,
Mrs.Jaya Menon.
Rtd.Head Mistress,

"My name is Priti Nirmal. I am a Physics teacher. I had come to meet Cuty with my husband,mother and my daughter. We were really surprised to see Cuty's response to all questions. Cuty responded to questions which were pertaining to the aspects of Current Electricity and Gravitation. Cuty is indeed a wonder to me. All the questions were correctly answered by Cuty."

Mrs.Priti Nirmal,
Physics teacher,
The Indian High School,


"I have given a few questions related to Govt. and also my personal relations. I was surprised to see that Cuty Boy,after reading the questions carefully,started answering one by one as we have directed. The way of answering done by Cuty Boy was surprising and take us to a peculiar state of mind. All the answers were correctly given by him."

Dr.Prabha Prasanna Kumar.


"Lucy myself and Jyothi came to see Cuty as we had heard about him and we had also read about him in the News Papers. SEEING IS BELIEVING. We were really surprised when he read the questions and answered them one by one. He is a very loving cat. He answers to the questions only if he likes the individual. I think or rather we think that the world should know about him."

Mrs Priya,
Teacher,Sharjah Indian School.


"SEEING IS BELIEVING". From a friend I came to know about Cuty.Myself,Priya and Jyothi came to see Cuty. Cuty answered all the questions which we asked, really wonderful. We are very happy. Cuty,"All the best".

Lucy Poulose,
Teacher,Sharjah indian School,Sharjah.

18.01.2004 (have to do corrections)
"GOD IS GREAT !! Nobody can explain the Cutie !! It is beyond imagination or explanation."

College of Agriculture,Vellayani,Trivandrum,Kerala.


"I feel that I am lucky to see Cuty the genius,the incredible ! I have given questions based on Mathematical concepts, general & personal. He read the questions carefully and pointed out the correct answers for all my questions. He knows everything. He is really extra ordinary. Questions if given from any topic,any subject,any language,he answers. He can read different languages too. Really he is a miracle,he is the 8th wonder of the world-I believe. I have no words to explain, what is Cutie,the genius boy."

Sailaja Ravi,
Department of Maths,
Sharjah Indian School,Sharjah.

"Cuty is wonderful. He is able to read the questions and identify the correct answers. It is something unimaginable. He is able to identify the people by their names whom he meets for the first time. Also I came across various articles published in different magazines about this wonderful Cuty. Actually,in the beginning when I heard about Cuty thru' different people,it was something hard to believe. But,when I experienced personally,it made me wonderstruck. This is something which the world should know."

Chemistry teacher,
Sharjah Indian School.UAE.


"I am Mrs.Geetha G.Nair and I am a Math teacher. I have come to Dubai for a short visit. I consider myself lucky to have get a chance to see Cuty's performance. My daughter Preeti asked him some questions and he answered them correctly. Really Cuty is great."

Mrs.Geetha G.Nair,


"We came to see Cutie at 5.30 p.m. He could easily recognize each one of us by name. We were eight people.He is just fantastic. We gave five questions to him,out of which four were Mathematical questions. We were really surprised when Cutie pointed out the correct solution of the quadratic equation and also the value of sin 30º and square root of 25. We are convinced that Cutie possesses the power called ESP (Extra Sensory Perception,a perception at a higher level of consciousness which an ordinary human being does not have) we have no answer."

Dr.K.A.Muraleedharan and Dr.K.Gomathi,
Rtd Professors,
College of Engineering,Trivandrum.


"I never expected this. It is really great.Cuty Boy went through the questions in French and answered them correctly. He can understand French very well." Formidable!

Nimmy Gopinath,
French Teacher,
Indian School,Sohar,Sultante of Oman.

"Cuty Boy ! You are really amazing ! You are more than an intelligent human. Well done and long life."

Meera Menon,
Physics Teacher,
Our Own English High School,


"I have had the opportunity to observe the behaviour and performance of Cuty more than once over the past five years. Though I am unable to scientifically explain or understand the special phenomenon, I am fully convinced of the very special capabilities of Cuty. Such things only go to convince me that there are certain things in the world which are beyond reasoning and comprehension by human beings. It is an exceptional thing for Mrs.Hema and family to have come to possess the exceptional member of their family."

K.J.Joseph IPS,
Director General of Police (Rtd),


"I witnessed Cuty Boy's performance today and amazed by that, which is beyond compare. Cuty boy is intelligent like a human being. It is only handicap that it is not able to speak but it manifests everything by gestures and expressions. I wish him well."

M.Kaishak Babu IRS (Rtd)


"Cuty Boy impressed me very much as a super genius.Cuty read my questions and answered them correctly.Wish him good health and long life."

Rtd.Senior Scientific Officer,
Dept.of Atomic Energy,
Govt.of India.


"Cuty Boy's reputation definitely precedes him, listed on over a dozen web sites and having won accolades for his fantastic capabilities. I still needed a measure of firsthand observation,which was received generously today. In addition to uncanny demonstration in identifying people, he carefully read the questions I wrote and answered each one of them accurately! I have never seen anything like this ever before. I can only wish Cuty Boy a long and happy life with his adopted family."

George Vivek Kurien,
Supreme Court of India,
New Delhi.


"Cuty Boy read all the questions by himself and gave the correct answers by looking at the correct options. Truly a remarkable 'boy'. Well done Cuty Boy and hope you enchant many more people with your truly wonderful skills."

R.Ramakrishnan Nair,
Team Leader,
IBS Software Services,

"When we visited Dubai we heard about Cuty Boy and came to visit him. He answered all the questions my daughter has written with multiple Q&A. Very clever animal. I am an Animal Lover. Never seen one like this before. Love from us all to Cuty Boy."

Kishore Sudha,

"Cuty Boy is the most amazing cat I have ever come across.He answered all the questions correctly; Unbelievable." He is the cutest thing I have ever seen.Brilliant !

Arjun Menon,
I A L.

"Really you are wonderful; you don't have any barrier in languages.....Really Cuty Boy I love you....."

Criminal and Forensic Dept.,Sharjah.


"Cuty read all my questions himself and answered correctly. It is really wonderful. He is God's gift. I wish Cuty a healthy long life."

Sasi Kumar Nair,
Finance and Admin.Manager,
Clement Systems Gulf,


"It was a real surprise for me to meet you.We never expected that you can do all these wonders. I sincerely wishing you all the best."

Insurance Service Manager,


"We had a session with Cuty that involved four separate questions. Cuty was able to go through those questions and identify the right answers in all cases. Cuty's performance was both impressive and beyond explanation."

Joshi Mathew,
ADNOC, Abu Dhabi.


"Cuty read every questions one by one and answered each and every questions perfectly. He answered me those questions which I asked him to. Also answered those questions which I asked him orally." It was really superb!

Binu Raman.
IT Professional.


"Hi Cuti,you are really marvelous than any other group. I do appreciate your grasping power and performance with your fans.Pls keep it up. I can't forget you in my life."

Al Ain.


"He read the question I wrote and answered correctly. Cuty Boy is not a human being.But he behaved like human being. It is really wonderful. And he is very lovable."

Mrs .Philip,
Al Ain.


"My friend Hema's third baby---Cuty Boy is really a wonder! We visited Hema & Mohan's house after a long gap and we spent about 5 hours filling the gap and in the company of amazing Cuty Boy. There is no doubt that Cuty Boy has many many capabilities which we are unable to measure or understand. There are many mysteries(???)in this world which is beyond human intelligence(????) and Cuty Boy is one among them. One can only wonder about the abilities of Cuty Boy and the love shared between Cuty and his mother. I wish all the very Best for Cuty Boy and his family."

With lots of love,
Girija Menon,
Customer service Officer,


"I am amazed to see Cutie. I have seen cats in my life but find it difficult to see Cutie as a cat. I have no words to express my feeling. It is a wonder and I envy Cuties' mom for having him."

Leena Sandeep,
Kanoos Travels,


"This is the second time I am seeing Cutie Boy and he amazes me even more. I am amazed by his exhibition of the skills which is very human like and also his display of emotions is very touching."

Shalini Lal,
Emirates Airlines,

"Cuty Boy is simply wonderful ! He answered all the questions correctly. He read them out himself. I am really speechless--! This has been a fantastic experience. I will never forget them."

Rhea Jacob.