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Welcome to the WORLD of Cuty Boy !

I always had a vision that one day I would get my dream kitten which would be a perfectly white, fluffy and cute one. I was thus elated when my son, who used to frequently visit pet-shops, demanded to buy the white persian kitten which he saw at a particular store. Unfortunately, between the time gap of setting his eyes on the kitty and getting his father’s permission, it was sold. Then, he took me to visit the store.

There were other kittens as well, but I simply selected a creamish brown kitten which seemed to be healthier. I was not aware that was a 'special one’, when I held him in my arms. A magnetic force between us prevented me from keeping him back- I had to have him! He invoked all the motherly emotions within my heart and made me want to shower him with all the love I possibly could.
We brought him home, to join our family of four. Then came the dilemma- what do we name him? After lot of discussions, we came upon it-Cuty Boy ! The perfect name to capture his essence.

A little bit about Cuty Boy’s character. From the beginning itself he was reclusive, quiet and self-disciplined. Though he is secluded and quiet, his simplicity and good natured ness has captured all our hearts, even those who claimed to never be able to love cats.

His food habits, behavior, manners, intelligence every thing indicated that there is something special about him. He was not just another member of the feline family. Later we realized that he is gifted! He is truly a MIRACLE that cannot be defined by the laws of nature!

It was very incidental that we could find out his abilities, which were obscured by his solitary nature.

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