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His Mission

I am Cuty Boy and I am glad that you are here to know more about me. I hope you will enjoy reading and seeing lots about me in this site!

At the same time, I want to dedicate this short message towards the care and well being of all others like me, big and small. I am previleged to have a loving home where I am just like any human member of this family. Sometimes, I think I get more attention than even other members in my home and I enjoy it thoroghly. Unfortunately, there are more members of my kind and other species who
are not so well off.

I am appalled by the suffering inflicted on my fellow beings of all species by humans. Sadly, most of it happens for commercial profits and are avoidable. Call it research, call it food, call it entertainment; we are always at the receiving end!

By being at the helm of the evolutionary chain, man has indeed become in charge of our planet. The way man deals with the environment is affecting not only his own destiny, it is affecting the very survival of smaller creatures like us. So let us protect our planet and sustain all its life forms for the sake of all our future!

Just because we don't speak the same language as humans, should you be insensitive to our pain as we are injured or maltreated? You do not do that to another human speaking a different language. We look different, we communicate differently, we are of all colors and we are less intelligent. Does these make it fair for us to be treated cruelly? Human values exhort you to be more considerate to others with disabilities; dont we qualify in that equation?

Well, you may be one of our best friends, in which case, I am thankful to you. Do use your influence to make others to become good like you!

Or, if you are a busy person, who never got the time to think about other creatures sharing the planet with you, please spare some of your thoughts for us. It will be the beginning of a change for you, us and our whole world!

Take care and enjoy!
Cuty Boy


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